Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean Air Quality for a Healthy Home Environment

Are you aware that most duct cleaning companies charge anywhere between $300 and $500 on an average for cleaning your ducts? With that being said, most people end up getting low quality service after wasting their time and money, and they end up with an unpleasant experience.

At Gravity Duct Cleaning Services, we know you deserve better.

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Clean Air Quality for a Healthy Home Environment

Based in the city of Ottawa, we offer a complete range of furnace and air duct cleaning services tailored to your needs using the most advanced truck mounted equipment in the market. We understand how important a clean environment in your home or property is to you, and we know that you take every effort to keep your home, your property, and the surrounding environment clean.

Keeping these needs in mind we offer personalized and complete furnace and air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial property owners,customized to meet your unique needs. Our company has been established based on the current demands in the industry, and we offer quality services that will actually help you to resolve your air duct quality and maintenance issues in no time.

We come with an advanced truck-mounted system for every job – be it big or small. Using advanced and powerful equipment, our technicians are able to deliver exceptional service to satisfy our customers.

Why Choose Us ?

There are lots of reasons why you should call us when you need residential and commercial air duct system:

We are exceptionally equipped and we give exceptional air duct cleaning services at a competitive price

Our technicians are highly trained to handle HVAC systems and hold a number of HVAC related trade certifications and licenses

We give personal attention to resolving your concerns. We offer before and after video confirmation.

We are a fully bonded and insured company,

Our expert and competent technicians will skilfully clean your entire furnace, dryer vents, registers, vents, air ducts and many more.

We offer free duct cleaning estimate and quotes. We assure you of the best service, backed by a 90-day service quality warranty.

Our working process

maintain a safe, comfortable and healthy living environment

Our highly qualified and skilled technicians provide personalized service in order to help you address your concerns. A unique feature that our company takes pride in is the innovative tools that we use for best results. The Hypervac system that we utilize every time we have a project is completely equipped with the right tools for effective air-duct cleaning. Gravity Air Duct Cleaning owns its own H1 Duct truck and hence customers can be rest assured that you will receive timely service at all times.

We are also proud to provide hybrid duct vacuums to thoroughly clean hard to reach places. Our portable systems can easily access furnaces and air ducts with clean air management solutions. We clean from the basement to the to your rooftop, and ensure that every surface is covered. With our advanced equipment, we can reach duct systems in the highest buildings, so that they have better air quality.

As you can see, by using advanced and powerful equipment, our technicians are able to deliver exceptional service around our service areas. Call us today or fill out the contact form for fast and reliable custom quote, orif you have any questions, and we will be happy to help.


Let our experienced technicians’ help you keep them clean for better air quality. Call us today for an obligation-free quote, or contact us on our Easy Scheduling feature. We will be happy to help.