Still Have Questions?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our customers.

Why should I have my air ducts cleaned

You may not be aware of the fact that buildings breathe, wellthey do. The contaminants that ducts contain hinder the duct system and make it difficult for the HVAC system to function effectively. A dirty air duct is the perfect environment for mold spores, microbial growth, bacteria, etc. Contaminants like dirt, debris, and dust presentin your air ducts could result in higher bills or the premature breakdown of HVAC components.

What do ducts or the debris found in ductwork look like

Some of the things found inside air ducts include bacteria, mold, dust mites, dead human skin cells, pet dander, pollen, rodent droppings, wood, sawdust, soda cans, etc. Small objects accidently dropped inside vents or garbage left by builders may also be found.

Will cleaning the air ducts help my health/allergies

Yes, by getting rid of allergens from the air ducts. There are many recommendations from different health practitioners to their clients and guess what:it all comesdown to cleaning their air ducts.

How often should I clean my ducts

According to the standards released by The National Air Duct Cleaning Association, it is recommended that every home should be sanitized every three – five years. But homes that havepest problems or members with allergies or asthma should get their ducts cleaned more frequently.

Is your service quality guaranteed

We are happy and proud to inform you that our work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will return to re-do a service at no charge.

How does your company operate

Once you confirm the appointment, we will come with our truck mounted system for every job, and our technicians will professionally clean your furnace, dryer vents, registers, vents and air ducts. Aside from agitation systems and tools, we use Cobraview cameras and the portable evolution Hybrid system. It has the ability to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of the duct system in your home or business. Moreover, we are uniquely equipped and at the same time we deliver exceptional quality services at an affordable price.

Will you dig up a lot of dust during the cleaning process

NO, our equipment will take care of that. We make use of powered vacuum trucks which provide negative air pressure to direct dust and debris into the truck.

What system do you use

We only use the best quality state-of-the art equipment in the industry, so as to get the job done well. Our equipment includes the revolutionary H1 Duct Truck, and the portable system for hard to reach places.

Why we should hire Gravity Air Duct Cleaning

Our staff is fully skilled with over 15 years of industry experience. We are a fully bonded and insured company to guarantee to our customers that they are safe and secure while dealing with us. We are a registered member of TSSA – the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Does your air duct cleaning service suit our budget

A big YES! Our residential and commercial air duct cleaning services come with affordable prices that will fit within the budget of our potential customers. With us, you can be sure that your money will never be wasted since our commercial and residential air duct cleaning services are worth paying for. Above all, our services are backed by a 90 day service quality warranty and we will come and perform a service for free if you are not satisfied.

Will there be any cleaning required after our services are completed

Our team will ensure that they clean up after all the work is completed and leave the house in the same manner as it was when they walked in. Andthere is no doubt that your ducts will be cleaner than they were before.
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