Privacy Policy

This is an exclusive privacy policy for and this is intended to inform you how our company treats all the personal information we have collected from you in the course of your visit to this site. This privacy policy exclusively applies to this site only. We advise all site users to read this policy carefully prior to securing any personal information on this site.

Gravity Property Solutions Inc. is one of the leading providers of professional residential and commercial air duct cleaning services to customers in Canada, particularly in Ottawa and Ontario. The company provides ultimate solutions that local clients need when dealing with their business or home’s air duct system.

In the process of addressing the needs of clients and delivering their air duct cleaning services, the company may gather some personal information from you and details regarding your visit to the site including your activities while you are navigating the site, where you linked this site from and even the type of browser you are using. The information we collect from you will sometimes be utilized for aggregate analysis and will not be linked with any person or entity. Non-personal information can also be utilized for online marketing.

Here at Gravity Property Solutions Inc. we use the information we gathered responsibly to operate, provide and maintain the functionality and features of our services. We also use this information to analyze how our services are being used and to diagnose any technical problems and other issues that clients experience while accessing our site and our services.

We collect information about our site users for the following reasons:

  • To deliver more personalized services tailored to individuals’ unique needs.
  • For us to be able to monitor and then improve our performance and the delivery of our services as well.
  • To make the site accessible and secured to anyone who will visit it.
  • If users permit, we collect information to market our exclusive services to them.


When booking an appointment, receiving quoted for our air duct cleaning services and all other related purposes, we require users to secure the needed information including your complete name, contact details and other personal details. We do not usually ask for our clients’ account or credit card number on this site. We ask them to secure financial information privately if deemed necessary. We have out set modes of payment for our services and we provide our clients with convenient payment options.

Personal information gathered from this site collected from one person at a time will not be shared or sold to other individuals or companies that are not connected or affiliated with us. Information will only be shared if permitted by client and by law.

All information provided in this website will be kept on secured and password-protected exclusive server that is only accessible to our agents, contractors and employees who all signed a confidentiality agreement. From time to time, our company sends emails, notifications or relevant information and offers about our services. You are free to delete these emails from your mailing list by contacting us.

If you have comments, questions or concerns regarding our private policy, feel free to contact us at 613-863-5271 or email us at

We reserve our right to make some changes to this private policy. You can check for updates on this policy from time to time at this site.